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I’ve been fighting the good fight in corporate communications for more than 20 years, first as a journalist and columnist covering it for various trade publications such as The Ragan Report, Corporate Writer and Editor, and Communication World; and for the past 16 years as a speaker, workshop leader, consultant, and coach.

I started Crescenzo Communications 15 years ago, after leaving my post as Editorial Director/VP of New Product Development at Ragan Communications. The idea was that I would help companies—through workshops, speaking at conferences, and consulting—take the “corporate” out of corporate communications and replace it with “creative.” I wanted help companies improve their content and ramp up their communication vehicles.

It worked. I filled a need, and the company took off.

But, after running the company myself for six years, I finally realized what my strengths and weaknesses were.

I was very good at speaking, consulting, training, writing, and evaluating communication vehicles and channels.

I sucked at everything else.

I sucked at running a business. I sucked at invoicing and filing and budgeting and scheduling and being organized and marketing and paying taxes.

Well, as you can imagine, all the stuff I sucked at was starting to affect the business, so I talked my at-the-time girlfriend, now wife, Cindy into leaving her post as a marketer (you can read her story down below mine) and coming over to run the company.

Again, it worked.

Within six months, she had the company running like a Swiss clock, and was also building her own client base and working with me on communication audits. Since then, we’ve created our own seminars and workshops and have taken them all over the world—England, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand …it’s been quite a ride, and we’re not done yet!

We’ve worked with some amazing companies and would love to talk about how we can help you.